The first pears available each season is the Bartlett, which is typically harvested in August and available until December.  The Bartlett is the most commonly grown variety of pear in most countries outside Asia and is commonly known as the European pear.  The pear is well-known for its traditional bell shape and its green skin that turns yellow after ripening.  Red-skinned verities of these pears exist, but are not grown by Meyer Orchards.  We enjoy having the pears fresh since they're the first ones of the season, but Bartletts are often used for baking and are also one of the best pears for canning. 

Most people refer to Bosc as "the brown pear" with its uniquely golden russet color.  Meyer Orchards grows more Bosc than any other variety since the climate in Southern Oregon is ideal for this particular variety of pear.  With more than seventy years of growing this particular variety, Meyer Orchards is well-known for its ability to produce Bosc pears with a solid golden russet color that also has a very attractive shape and finish.  For those that can get past the different color of this pear, they are rewarded by its great flavor when eaten fresh.  Bosc pears are also commonly used for baking and salads in a wide variety of recipes. 
The Comice pear is often associated with major holidays in November and December since it is often used in gift packs.  Meyer Orchards has been growing Comice pears for several generations and has used the best trees as the foundation for each new generation, giving the current generation of pears an extraordinarily sweet and juicy flavor.  When combined with the attention to detail that Meyer Orchards dedicates into producing this delicate fruit, our Comice pears have some of the cleanest finish that is free of blemishes.  Our favorite way to have Comice pears is sliced on cottage cheese. For a new flavor garnish with mayonnaise.     
Red Anjou
Although the Red Anjou is related to the traditional Anjou pear that is green in color, the taste and texture from the Red Anjou from Meyer Orchards is quite different.  We find our Red Anjou pear to be far sweeter with a much richer flavor than the traditional Anjou.  For that reason, we've focused on refining the Red Anjou to have tremendous flavor but also the deepest dark red color possible.  We enjoy the Red Anjou either fresh or as a way to add unique color and flavor to a salad. 
Best Ever
The Best Ever pear originated as a hybrid of the Comice and Louis Pasteur pears at the Southern Oregon Experiment Station as a result of work done by Professor Frank Reimer in 1935.  The fruit is somewhat smaller than Comice, which it resembles in shape but is darker green in color and covered with fine russet, which resembles Pasteur. The flesh has a rich vinous flavor like Pasteur, sweet, spicy, very juicy and outstanding quality. Some grit cells near the core do not take away from the eating quality. Fruit will ripen for prime eating in 7-10 days when stored at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The pear has an excellent storage life in common storage for up to six months. These pears have an outstanding shelf life and will not deteriorate on display and do not oxidize when bruised or cut.  Best Ever is an extremely good dessert pear.